Dr. Figlesthaler has always been an innovator, leading the way in the world of medicine, blazing trails that others thought simply impossible. Over the last twenty-five years, he has built some of the largest and most successful medical conglomerates the region has ever seen.

Barely in his twenties, Dr. Figlesthaler found himself a single father of three young children. He worked hard flipping pancakes by night and studying by day to work his way through medical school. He taught his family that nothing in life can outmatch hard work and dedication. Today, Dr. Figlesthaler resides in Naples with his loving wife Olga, three children, and five grandchildren.

Despite his immense success, Dr. Figlesthaler has never forgotten where he came from. He continually supports the less fortunate and plays an active role in a number of community charities and organizations including; The American Cancer Society, Boys and Girls Club, The American Heart Association, Junior Achievement, St. Leo’s Catholic Church, and so many others.

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